Monday, August 24, 2009

Getting Back To Something I Really Love

So yesterday afteroon I did something spontaneous. I went and signed up for a hockey league that actualy started that afternoon. I had been thinking about if for a while but as usual I procrastinated. I actualy had called the rink earlier in the day to see if they had any open slots but they didnt bother to return my call. So about 430 yesterday afternoon I threw my hockey bag in the trunk of the car and headed to the rink. Sure enough when i got their I was told there was an opening on a team andthat the game was at 650. So I brought my bag in to the rink and watched a couple of hockey game before heading to the locker room and getting suited up.

I was nervous as I didnt know any of the guys I was playing with. Plus add in the fact Im not in shape, havent played in about 5 years and then theirs that little issue with the disc in my neck not being right. I went out and warmed up and then it was time to drop the puck. I wasnt out their for the drop of the puck as I was one of the 3 subs. The game went pretty good for the first two periods. I played well ( its not like I forgot how to play ) wasnt out of position and had some good scoring opportunities. In the end we wound up tied but won the shootout after the game.

I was sore this morning but that was to be expected. My neck doesnt feel any different from other days when I do something strenous so I guess things are ok. Next game is at 745 this Sunday night.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ah the memories...

Last night was Sky View's annual Back to School/First Skate night at Great Skate. Sarah loves roller skating so we go a couple of times a year to one of the roller rinks here. We made it a family affair as Debbie and Tyler were their too. Tyler decided he didnt want to get out on the rink so Debbie worked with him off the rink. Sarah, Amy, Courtney and I all headed out and joined the masses of grade school kids and parents out on the rink. Sarah found one of her best freinds so I was left to do my out on the floor. Whats funny about Great Skate is thats its been ther for over 25 years and it really hasnt changed much. The rows of multicolored lights on the ceiling, the disco balls and the big glowing bulbs too. Even the paint hasnt changed other than some fresh coats since I went there the first time back in '83. Sure they arent playing Another One Bites The Dust, Whip It and some of the classic 80s tunes but its pretty much still the same expericence. Gotta love it. The kids had a good time as did I. Looking foward to the next time we go skating.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Back to School/A New Beginning

Monday August 10th was the start of school for Sky View Elementary in Peoria, AZ. Sky View is the school which Sarah has been attending the last two years. She started 3 grade and is Mrs. Heintz's class. Many of the kids she has gone to school with the last two years are in her class yet again.

Tyler started kindergarten and is in Mrs. Welling's class. His first week went fairly uneventful until yesterday when he got into trouble for talking too much and not listening to directions in PE. I didnt realize there were that many directions in PE. The jury is still out on how Tyler actualy feels about going to "big boy school" Ive heard from him " it was boring", "I colored alot" and my favorite, " I hate homework!" Dude you have a minimum of 12 years left of school, get used to homework lol.

I think he will be fine. Sarah, as usual, seems to be enjoying school.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Personal Challenge

Over the summer we had a weight loss challenge over on Kickrunners. We had the option of going in money wise or just playing along with no cash incentive. I just played along . THings started off well and I had lost 6-8 lbs from the start of the contest in mid April till about the middle of May when my SIL passed away. After Loris passing I went into a tail spin of not eating right, drinking Coke again =( and not working out. Needless to say I gained the weight back I had lost and managed to tack on a few more pounds. The weight loss challenge eneded Monday and my buddy Lori was the big cash jackpot winnah. Everybody in the contest was a winner in my eyes as they all lost weight ( all except me ).

But was is this challenge you speak of? Here it is

I am traveling to the Outer Banks of North Carolina three months from today for a meetup with about 20 of the folks from Kick. We are doing the OBX Marathon and Half Marathon. When I last saw most of these folks I was at least anywhere from 5-8 lbs lighter than I am now. My challenge to myself is to lose 15 lbs between now and Thursday Nov 5 when I travel back there. I dont think 5 lbs a month is too far out of reach.

How am I going to do that you ask?

To start I need to start making bood food, drink and snack choices. Cut out the pop ( again ), more water, fruits and vegetables and limit the fast food.

Second I am signing up for a Boot Camp class at the Y which starts in a little over a week. I am nervous about that though. Not so much that I cant do it. After emailing Alexis yesterday she mentioned that in her boot camp classes she has some different types of jumping involved. I have found that my herniated disc gives me issues after jumping, we shall see.

Even though I am walkng the half marathon in OBX, I still need to train for it. So 4 days a week of walking will help with the weight loss as will some cross training.

I really hope by following this plan I will reach my goal of dropping the tonnage ( as my recently departed friend Joe used to say ) Only time will tell.

Thanks for reading!

Monday, August 03, 2009

Little Megan is 14

Wow it hardly seems possible that my niece Megan turned 14 yesterday. I have a total of 4 nieces, 3 by marriage ( Megan being one of them ) and one by blood. Two of my nieces are Lori's girls ( Britteny and Sami ), Megan is Heather and Jeff's daughter and Makayla is my bro's daughter I know you arent supposed to pick favorite family members but Megan is my favorite niece out of the 4. Im not sure what it is about her. She was the first infant I ever held ( more like I held my arms straight out and ddi move an inch while holding her ) I guess with her its that Ive spent more time around here then the others. Britteny, my oldest niece, was 7 when I started dating Debbie. Megan came along the year after I started dating Debbie. Sami was born in 98 and Makayla was born in 07. Another reason that comes to mind with Megan is that I have spent more time around Heather and Jeff then I have Lori. No matter, I just seem to have a special bond with Megan. Hard to believe too that she is starting high school a week from today. Were has the time gone.

Happy Birthday Megan!