Monday, September 28, 2009

Just A Quickie

Wow its been over a month since I logged an entry, guess Facebook seems to have taken all my interent time.

I havent forgotten about my blog, just really havent had much to say. Hockey is going well, we are 4-2 with 4 more games in the regular season to go. Ive finally managed to score a goal. I got 2 assists and three penalties in our loss last night.

Kids are doing well in school. Tyler is really doing well, amazing that he is now able to read small word and sentences. Sarah is doing great. We checked on her grades online last week and she currently has straight As, woo hoo go Sarah!

I have a story that I have meaning to tell but everytime I sit down to blog it, something comes up and I cant seem to get it out. Maybe its not meant to be wrote, maybe im not supposed to tell everybody what im currently thinking. Guess time will tell.

Ill try not to go another month without logging in. Thanks for reading.

Go Giants!!! Go Coyotes!!!! Go Devils!!!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Staying True To Myself

Heres that story Ive been trying to write

Its funny how something someone says changes your mindset and how you might approach things. I was reading an email I got from somebody who doesnt care for me at all. I had tried to reach out to this person after a mutual friend of ours had died unexpectedly in July. I wont bore you with the details of said email. It was just something she said in it that stuck out. She had to be true to herself. Since that day that statement has been ringing in my head and reminding me that I havent been being true to myself.

What do I mean? Let me explain

I keep telling myself and my running friends yeah Im going to return to running. Yep its going to happen, yeah as soon as I get over this or that.

I havent run with any regularity in almost 2 years. Between injuries, recovering from said injuries and just life happening I havent run. Ive been thinking alot about that lately. I have some lingering physical issues that are going to be with me the rest of my life. My degenerating disc in my neck and my knees which are slowly but surely going away. Are these two issues caused by my running? Probably not. They are partialy due to just getting older, maybe not taking the utmost care or myself and just everday wear and tear of my job ( lots of walking, bending, squatting, up and down ladders etc )

I dont really miss running. I guess I just never really fell in love it. There have been times I think to myself that I started running for all the wrong reasons. Along those lines Ive probably tried to continue to run for the wrong reasons. I sometimes feel like that if I dont get back to running or make a comeback that the gang over at Kick wont accept me. I mean it is a running message board, whats the sense of being a part of it if I choose not to run anymore. I know they would accept me but it just comes to mind sometimes. Thats probalby why I havent been around the board much if at all. Im not running ( or doing much else latley physicaly ) so why bother checking in.

Bascialy in a nutshell Ive pretty much ruled out going back to running. There are plenty of other things I can do. Lots of things to get me outside that I like much better. Cycling, swimming, hiking are all things I like to do, arent as abusive to my knees and neck and something I look foward to. I can always walk half marathons, which is my favorite long distance event. There is no shame in it. I can still hit my 50 state goal of doing half marathons and enjoy the scenery a bit more. Sure as some of my friends have said thats a much longer time out on the course and they wouldt want to do it. Im good with it though. At least Id still be out there doing some thing.

So thats it. I dont know how itll sit with the 30s but thats were Im at in life right now. Im still the same Frankie you all have gotten to know, Im just not gonna be running at the get togethers ( if Im still welcome at them ) Save a beer for me, Ill get there eventualy =)

See Dawn, my story wasnt going to be too exciting and it would only really pertain to my running freinds