Sunday, August 08, 2010

An update on the road to losing 39

Well here it is the 8th of August and Im almost two months into my 4 month journey on trying to lose 39 lbs by my 39th birthday in December. Initialy this jounrey started off well, I was down about 6 lbs from my staritn weight just a few weeks ago. I since put those back on and a couple of more. I didnt really think I was doing that bad with my choices but then when I sit down and take a serious look, im still piling the empty calories ( and sugar and fat ) into me. I havent cut back on the soda like I had set out to. Candy bars seem to still get counsumd a few times a week and the list goes on.

I know there is still time and I can make the changes needed. I decided though last night that I am going to go back and sign up for Weight Watchers. I figure that if I am paying for WW, ill be more motivated to do the right thing. Debbie had mentioned that she wanted to go back so we will go together. I think itll be good that we are both doing it at the same time. We can provide one another motiviation, keep each other in check and eat much better at home.

We shall see how it goes


Joe said...

Hey Frankie - I saw this post. I wish you the best on your quest!

barefoot girl said...

Hey Frankie... Lolly's back! I've emerged from 3 years off. Good luck with your newfound goals!

Come over to bareshersole and see me - I'm working on a few of my own again. :-)

Paragon said...

I am just passing by... and the Feedjit tool seems really interesting. Thanx for that idea