Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What A Difference A Year Makes

On a daily basis these last few weeks, I have been reminded that its just xx amount of days away from the Flying Pig Marathon.

About this time last year, I was counting those days down in anxious anticipation of the Flying Pig. You see I was just a few short weeks away from flying to Cinncinati, OH to run the Flying Pig Half Marathon. It was also going to be the biggest meetup to date with my fellow 30 Somethings from CoolRunning. I was nervous, anxious and hopeful. I had only met two of the 30s prior so this would be a whole new experience for me. Sure I talked to these folks over the internet everyday for over a year, but now Id be face to face with them. Id get the voices, mannerisms, accents and the opportunity to have real conversations with them.

My training for the actual race had gone fairly well ( but it couldve been better ) I knew that if nothing flared up on me that my previous HM time of 2:35 in San Jose should get eclipsed. I was nervous in that the course in Cinci was hilly and me being from the bottom of a valley, hills just arent something I can easily prepare for. I just had it in my mind that I would do the best I could, get through the hills and see what happens.

Race day started out nice and cool. Original plan was to run with Kris, Beth, Joe and Nick. Those plans kinda got screwed up as Beth and I went out a bit fast and got separated for a while from the three of them. It was too long before Joe and Kris caught up with us. It was a great time running and shooting the breeze with them. We all pretty much stayed together until about the top of Eden Park. The hilly section of the course. I flat out ran out of gas just before the top of the hills and that was about the last time I saw any of them until near the finish line. I continued on. I wound up making up some time on the large down hill portion and wound up finishing pretty strong with a PR of 2:28. Sadly that my remain my pr for a long time. I wound up hurting my hip on that run and I havent been the same since. Some back issues have also crept up on me too. I managed to run a few more races after the Flying Pig and even completed another HM in Philly late last year. But since then I have taken some time off indefinately from running to try to heal up. Im hoping for a return to running after the summer lets up. I guess we shall see how it goes.

Ill always have fond memories of the Flying Pig 07. I definately had "my feet revvin on 5-6-7"

I dont know of anybody thats running the Flying Pig this year. I know I wont be. Theres a Gnormous meet up of 30's in Madison, WI on Memorial Day weekend for the full and half marathon, maybe Ill go crash the party :)

Monday, April 07, 2008

The first quarter in review

Wow its hard to believe its been almost a month since my last entry and that the first quarter of 08 is in the books.

What can I say about the first quarter? It definately had its ups and downs.

I set out after the first of the year to try to accomplish some things. The first was to get on a weight loss program to get me down the 25 pounds I want to lose. Second was to be more consistent on getting to the guy at least 3 days a week. Another gola was to try to stop drinking as much soda.

Well like all good intentions, things went well in January. I was hitting the gym 3 days a week. I was doing a better job of watching and journaling what I was eating. All in all I was feeling pretty good in January.

February came and it wasnt much fun. My grandpa's health took a turn for the worse and he spent most of the month in a hospital and eventualy hospice. I started physical therapy for my back. That went pretty well ( but I need to get back to being diligent about my stretches and exercises as im feeling it now ) and I was still going to the Y on a regular basis. A few of the brighter moments were going to Flagstaff again to play in the snow with the kids, beginning a friendship with Tiffanie and seeing my cousin Lynn ( although I was seeing her for the wrong reasons, she being my granpa's neice came out to see him one more time )

March sucked! My grandpa passed away on March 2nd. It was the hardest death Ive had to deal with. I was fortunate enough to have him in my life for 36 years. Death is inevitable but I wasnt ready to let him go. My trips to the Y dwindled after grandpa passed and my food choices and habits werent good at all. I gained 4 lbs during the month. I guess with all that was going on in my life it shouldnt have come unexpected. Plus I havent felt well physicaly during this time. Various aches and pains havent helped at all. Gee I thought by taking a break from running I would feel better. I feel worse now than at any time prior to me stopping running. Some highlights of the month were Sarah and Tyler turning 7 and 4, the kids taking on new sports ( sarah soccer and tyler t-ball ) and me quitting Coke and Pepsi.

As they say things can always be worse, this I know. Heres hoping the second quarter of the year is much better than the first. I am in a new office much closer to home, Ive dropped 6 lbs since quitting drinking Coke and my eating choices have improved. Its gotta get better from here. Thanks for reading!