Saturday, March 08, 2008

See ya later Grandpa

As the pastor said today during my grandpa's funeral service today, its not goodbye, its see you later. We will see each other again. It was a beautiful and moving service. As expected their wasnt a dry eye at times and others we had a laugh or two. Itll be hard the next time I hear Taps again as they played it at the graveside portion of the service. It was especialy hard as the two members of the honor gaurd folded the flag and then presented it to my mom. It was somewhat fitting as two WWII era fighter planes took off from the local airport and passed within eyesight of the cemetary. Im sure my grandpa saw many of those during his time in Europe over 60 yearas ago. Thats about all for now. Thanks for reading.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

He's Gone

My apologies to those who actualy might check into my blog as I havent written anything in 10 days or more.

My grandfather passed away this morning. He has been battling lung and bone cancer for some time now but took a turn for the worse while in a Hospice of the Valley center over this weekend. He was visited by family members from near and far before he passed away. It seemed like he was desparately holding on last night. Even with mom, Debbie and I at his bedside urging him to let go, he wouldnt. Debbie and I left the hopsice shortly after 1 am. I told my mom that I would stop in on my way to work today. The phone rang at 6 am and I knew it couldnt be good. Mom told me that grandpa had passed away just a few minutes before. She was out of the room when he had passed. Guess he wanted to go alone.

After showering I headed up to the hospice and said my goodbyes to grandpa. After that it was off to work for me. Like my dad said there really wasnt anything to do today so I must as well go to work.

We have an appt with the mortuary tomorrow to finalize everything. Being that grandpa was a WW II vet, he will get a full military honors funeral. Im sure he wouldve liked that.

Thats about it for now, more later