Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patricks Day

Wow its been over 6 months since I blogged last. At that time I was just starting training for the Rock and Roll Half Marathon in San Jose, California. Training didnt go all that well as life got in the way and I didnt put in all the miles I needed to. The race went ok I ran a time of 2:35. Not bad for my first HM and not being trained very well.

I am now in the middle of training for the Flying Pig Half Marathon in Cincinati, OH. Should be a challenging race as there are some hills. Being here in Phoenix there isnt much of a chance to run hills. Plus about 15 of my fellow 30 Somethings from Cool Running will be there. Itll be a great opportunity to mmet a bunch of the folks that I talk to everyday on the web site.