Friday, May 30, 2008

Does it make sense?

A question came to mind on my way home this evening. When a friend is in need of support, love, caring or even a shoulder to lean on, do you offer it knowing you have issues in your own life? Ive always tried to be there for my friends through thick and thin in their lives. Its not always easy as everybody has issues come up in there lives from time to time.

One of the members of the board is having a tough go right now and I checked on him on my way home. I didnt get very specific with him and he didnt elaborate many details but I just wanted him to know that I was there if he needed someone to talk to and that some of us are struggling too. Thats when the quesiton of does it make sense came to mind. Im personaly going through probably the top 1 or 2 hardest times of my life. Physicaly, mentaly, emotionaly this is probalby the hardest I have ever had it. But yet im right there trying to be there for a friend knowing full well I have things in my life that need fixing. I look at it from the point of view that its easier to offer a friend advice and that friend can take it or leave it. They dont have to use the advice if they dont want. When a friend comes to you in eed, you cant tell them sorry, come back in 3-6 months when Ive got my life straightened out. That friend would probalby never come back to you.

When it comes to my issues, unless I ask a friend for help, I only have Debbie or myself to try to work on them. When it comes to my own life, im a half empty type. When it comes to my friends I try to find that silver lining in things for them. Wish I had an easier time of finding the silver lining in my life at times.

So the question still remains, does it make sense?

Thanks for reading

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Friends in higher places

Im not quite sure were I am going with us so bare with me. In the last year or so I have become friends with a few folks that have lost close friends who made significant impacts in their lives. Significant enough that it has made them who they are today. I consider myself lucky in that I have great friends in my life and fortunately have never lost of any of them. Did my friends have a signficant impact on my life? Maybe yes, maybe no. I might not have been able to experience some things in life with out them, got into some of the situations that I have without them and I even maybe even learned a thing or two from them. But to say they help shape me into the person I am today, not directly.

I can only imagine what that mustve been like. To have some one to encourage you, make you believe in yourself when you couldnt and even love you so much it hurt. Then tragicaly have that person torn away from you. I dont know what those of you out there believe happens after death. As the pastor said at my grandpa's funeral, its not goodbye, its see you later. Pause here as I start to get a bit teary eyed.... I'd like to think those friends of mine will one day see those special people from their lives again. Pausing again... Id wouldve liked the chance to shake those special friend's hands. If not for those people, I wouldnt have met a few really great people in the last year and been able to call them friends.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Dude, were'd the time go

I cant believe its the second week of May and the last time I blogged was April 16th. Man time has just gotten away from me. Then again, I havent been much in the mood to say much ( surprise, surprise )

Speaking of time going by, its hard to believe that its been a year since The Flying Pig Marathon. I was thinking about it the other day. Thinking it was just a year ago that I was in Cincinnati. Meeting up with such a wonderful group of my fellow 30s from Kick. Getting ready to set a PR in the HM. Having most excellent food and beer afterward. Not wanting that feeling to go away. A year later, many things have changed and some things have stayed the same. On the staying the same part, Im excited. I get to travel yet again more than half way across the country to see my friends from Kick. Some for the 2nd or 3rd time, and some for the very first time. Itll be a blast, even if Im not running ( not running being one of the many things that have changed ) Only two weeks from Friday I board a big ol jet airliner bound for the Windy City. Then a 2.5 hour drive with Nettie to Madison.

While on the subject of time going by, it blows me away that my little girl is just two weeks away from finishing 1st grade. Its not possible that shes 7 years old and almost 4 ft tall. Stop growing kid! Tyler is now 4 and just a little over a year away from starting Kindergarten. That will be nice as itll save us about 250 bucks a month by not paying full time daycare.

Well ive runout of things to say while im a half way good mood.

Fort those who read this, thanks for stopping by and looking foward to seeing a few of you in Madison!